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            Powder Dispenser

            Powder Dispenser, Creamer Powder Dispenser, Creamer Dosing Machine, Milk Powder Dispenser, Quantitative Powder Filling Machine / Operation of Dasin brand has been done for many years. OEM for capable companies is also accepted, and we hope Dasin will have a better chance to be seen in the future market.


            Best Sale

            Powder Dispenser Manufacturer | Dasin

            Dasin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Powder Dispenser supplier and manufacturer since 2010. Commercial juicers, shaking machines, tapioca forming machines, commercial sliders and powder dispensers for your beverage and drink.

            Certified, patented and professional OEM manufacturing, each beverage and drink machinery is sold with collected experiences, which is durable and high performce.

            Dasin has been offering customers high-quality beverage and drink commercial machines, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Dasin ensures each demands are met.

            Powder Dispenser


            Powder dispenser designed by DASIN use ultrafast photoconductive U-type switch and microcomputer system inside to control its motor, which keeps error range around 1.5 grams. Patent design of dehumidification for discharge hole prevents it from blocking. Big inner tank for 2700 g of creamer powder, which is food grade PP material and designed for easy cleaning. Twenty shortcut buttons designed for variety of drinks.

            Suitable for various of dry powders, enzyme powder for healthy food, sugar powder or cocoa powder for bakery, coffee powder for coffee shop, chemical powder for chemical factory, medical powder for drugstore and so on.

            DASIN machines are all commercial or factory machines with high durability, famous in Taiwan teashop franchise or juice factories, which could also be sold to the whole world, please contact us if you are interested.

            PD260 Introduction Video


            ■ Food grade PP material for inner tank. Easy cleaning and no blocking.
            ■ ㄇ-type stirring bar. Accurate result.
            ■ Ultrafast photoconductive U-type switch. Microcomputer system for motor control.
            ■ 20 buttons for different quantity of powder. Easy for operation and quality control.
            ■ Patent design for effective dehumidification. No blocking.


            • HP: 60W Gear Motor
            • Size: 26 x 39 x 40cm
            • Net Weight: 8kg
            • Carton size: 46 x 32 x 47cm
            • Gross weight: 10kg
            • Volume: 2700g (Creamer powder)
            • Speed: 100g/5.5s
            • Accuracy: 100g ± 1.5g
            • Certification: CE, FCC
            • Multinational patents counterfeiting not allowed


            • Usage Range: Creamer powder, Enzyme powder, Powdered sugar, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder, Chemical powder, Chinese or Western medical powder... and all kinds of dry powder.

            Machine Alias Names

            Powder Dispenser, Creamer Powder Dispenser, Creamer Dosing Machine, Milk Powder Dispenser, Quantitative Powder Filling Machine


            Operation Video for PD260 Powder Dispenser

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            • Automatic Instant Heating Tea Brewer
              Automatic Instant Heating Tea Brewer

              Dasin brand automatic instant heating tea brewer, intelligent interface for creating standard operating procedure, scroll stirring apparatus is used to make tea leaves unfold completely for releasing more tea polyphenol and fragrance, design of automatic hibernation mode for energy conservation and environment protection, efficient utilization of electricity, less limescale, 20 settings for different tea, instant heating and preheating system for higher stability and efficiency, automatic power on and off with intelligent detection of tea bucket, password setting for intro-control management.

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            • JH100 Commercial Citrus Juicer
              JH100 Commercial Citrus Juicer

              DASIN Citrus Juicer is CE, FCC and ISO9001 certified, which has been sold to everywhere around the world, to help you make perfect drinks. High quality Juice is important for customers. Unique design of rollers makes it easy to juice out fruit essence oil without bitter taste. Transparent protecting cover is designed for your hands safety.Gaps between the rollers could be adjusted for fruits with different thickness of peel from different climate or area of origin. Design of fast assembly and disassembly makes it easy and convenient to clean. Scrub the juicer with water. Rollers are made of acid resistant and food grade PP material, which is good for your health.DASIN machines are all commercial machines with high durability, famous in Taiwan teashops franchise and could also be sold to the whole world, please contact us if you are interested.JH100 Plus Citrus Juicer (one knob design) Using one knob to adjust gaps between the rollers, more convenient and easy.Special Roller for Orange Using special roller for orange, smooth roller surface does no harm to orange peels, juice without bitter taste.

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            • PF408 Commercial Citrus Juicer
              PF408 Commercial Citrus Juicer

              DASIN Citrus Juicer is CE, FCC and ISO9001 certified, which has been sold to everywhere around the world, to help you make perfect drinks. High quality juice is important for customers. PF408 Citrus Juicer is specially design for Citrus Fruits such as orange and grapefruit, which does no harm to fruit peel and seeds, therefore to make juice without bitter taste from fruit peel and seeds.Small juicer with elegant appearance is designed for saving space. Unique design of juicing head not only saves effort but also improves juice yield and prevents juice from spilling out. Juicing head runs forward and backward alternately. Big and small juicing heads are provided for different size of fruits. Filter is designed to separate fruit flesh from fruit juice. Commercial motor is power saving with high twisting force, which can run for 24 hours without overheating. Use one hand to take out juice tray and flush with water directly, which is easy and fast for cleaning.DASIN machines are all commercial machines with high durability, famous in Taiwan teashops franchise and could also be sold to the whole world, please contact us if you are interested.* PF408 Plus Commercial Citrus Juicer With Handle,Orange And Grapefruit.

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            • Commercial Slicer
              Commercial Slicer

              Using molybdenum vanadium stainless steel blade made in Germany for DASIN Commercial Juicer, which is sharpened by Taiwan professional. Feeding inlet is big enough to put into fruits. Neat slices without extra juice, 3 seconds to slice one lemon with 3mm slices, thickness of slices could also be adjusted. 10cm diameter for feeding inlet allow you to put in a whole complete grapefruit. Easy to clean, easy to open protecting cover, automatic power off while opening protecting cover. Only one hand operation for removing blade set, rinse inside and wipe dry. Power switch with emergency stop button for safety use.Commercial slicer applies to tea shop franchise, fruit store, restaurant and dried fruit slices. Elegant appearance designed by professional designer. Beautiful appearance with space saving volume, which improves quality of your shop.

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